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Today, I found a kitten sized chair and, luckily, I had a kitten to put in it. 

i’m going to cry

oh my god

Josh Hutcherson attends the 3rd Annual Josh Hutcherson Celebrity Basketball Game at Nokia Plaza L.A. LIVE on August 8, 2014.

Pretty Little Liars » The Perfect Storm (1x09)

Maslany has to shoot some of her most challenging scenes opposite a tennis ball or a mark on a wall. “I can’t look down by an inch or else the eyeline’s off, and I’m looking at my nose, or I’ve put a glass of water through my face. It’s specific, technical things that I’m keeping track of. And that I have to be present the same way that I would be if there was an actor next to me. Except now I have to imagine the actor next to me.”

hey thanks Troian (x)

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